Gurgaon innovator creates 'appycab', autoriksha booking app for Android

Gurgaon, March 13, 2013: Hiring an auto-riksha in India  can be a frustrating experience. One has to step out on the road, scout for an auto and then compete with others in waving hands shouting 'auto auto'! You almost feel like showing your finger to these hassles. Well, now you can – virtually!. 

The first app in the world for instant hiring of autos has been crafted at appycabs by Gurgaon based Founder & Evangelist Vishal Sharma and put into operation in the IT city of the national capital region.

The application shows  4 nearest auto (within 2 km in real time) of your present location. 

It gives you an approx distance of the auto from your present location.

You can click to call the nearest auto directly from your app

You can prebook

A unique feature of the app is ‘IntelliMemory’ which keeps track of your PreBooks so next time you can PreBook through one click. 

You can even select any other location to hire an auto. 

The app works on Radial LBS and shows autos around any selected location in Gurgaon. 

You can download this app from Google Playstore or simply visit –