Global home and office tech support leader comes to India

New Delhi March 7 2013 iYogi a global provider of tech support today launched its service for both SMBs and consumers in India. iYogi’s consumer and Business NonStop service plans are  offered as a cost-effective alternative to incident based services.

Business NonStop Plans

Business NonStop plan comes in three variants, Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro Premium. Under the Business NonStop plans organizations will get comprehensive technical support starting from just INR 249/- per month. Business NonStop Pro Plus is for organizations with 5-25 PCs and Business NonStop Pro Premium is for organizations more than 25 PCs support. Further information on the plan can be found here.

Consumer Plans

Under these plans, iYogi offers support for set-up, installation, diagnosis and repair of computers and connected devices in a home. For a monthly fee starting from Rs. 249 per PC per month, users get unlimited, 24x7 access to iYogi’s Tech Experts all year around. The service supports a range of products including desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, routers, digital cameras, MP3 players and over 500 software and cloud applications. More information on the plan can be found here.

iYogi’s Business NonStop service is aimed at the SMB market, which according to Access Markets International partners (AMI Partners) is estimated at Rs. 10,000 Crores across more than four million businesses in India. The company has also introduced service plans for consumers. iYogi provides remote and onsite support for the widest variety of computing devices and software in the country.

Says Uday Challu, CEO and co-founder of iYogi: “The tech support opportunity in India is exploding based on the rapid adoption of technology among consumers and businesses, their growing technology dependency, and the increasing complexity created by a heterogeneous device environment,” he added.

The consumer segment is the other important market for iYogi. According to the company’s research, an average customer of iYogi in the US has a minimum of 11 devices at home, and iYogi is a one-stop service provider for all support needs of a digital home.

“The rapid proliferation of devices including Computers Smart Phones and Tablets, and the emerging digital lifestyle of urban users is a growing opportunity in India. The consumer tech support market is underserved, and the opportunity is large and glaring,” adds Vishal Dhar, Co-founder & President Marketing.“Our Service will not only help Indian consumers save time and money, but also have a hassle free digital experience.”

iYogi currently deploys over 5000 Tech Experts serving more than 2 million users across 10 countries. Its key differentiator is its service cloud platform, which enables the company to maintain its global standard for support in any market. More specifically, the platform facilitates automation and collaboration across multiple skills, competencies and delivery models (remote and onsite). It also allows the company to capture and replicate learnings from every request that is serviced, leading to continuous innovation and improvements in the quality of service delivery. Since its launch, the company has managed more than 10 million service requests.