Gyaanexchange offers free video learning platform

Mumbai, February 18, 2013,: Indian Education startup  has launched an open web based video learning platform with over 100 hours of crowd sourced, affordable, credible and high quality content in multiple disciplines such as Academia, Professional Development, Technology, Literature, Mathematics & much more.

At, anyone can share their knowledge and make it available to an audience of millions of learners across the world. Videos can be uploaded to the platform, without following any tedious procedures, facilitating anyone to teach from everywhere at minimized or no costs. Every piece of content submitted to Gyaanexchange is verified and checked for quality, accuracy and credibility. Gyaanexchange also provides support in creating and producing high quality educational content.

Freelance Journalism, SEO tutorials for beginners, Game theory, Mathematics are just some of the video classes currently available on Gyaanexchange with many more being added every day. Gyaanexchange currently has both free and premium video available on its video platform. The premium videos are priced as low as Rs.100 and are available in three different packages of 1month, 3months and 6 months subscription periods.Gyaanexchange’s ‘curated class’ feature allows you to embed rich media form any source on the internet into a chapter and topic structure in order to create a free valuable learning experience. Now take videos from YouTube, TED, Vimeo etc. and create an online class – help organize the learning web.


Says Siddharth Bhansali, CEO and Co founder of “We believe our video platform is the missing piece in making high quality and relevant education accessible to millions around the country – by empowering anyone to teach and learn online we are laying the foundation for disrupting our failing education system ”