Microsoft offers developer tool for cross browser testing and honing IE apps

Bangalore, February 2,  2013: Microsoft  has launched a free  tool for developers which helps to ensure that their apps work across multiple browser environments.  Of course the core agenda is to  make sure  all those millions of apps out there  are backward and forward compatible with all  current and legacy versions of  Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer. But  modern.IE as it is called  works in partnership with a leading virtual browser testing service, BrowserStack,  which   lets developers test their website on any browser on any OS – regardless of the OS that the test machine is running.


Modern.IE  has a tieup which allows users registered with it to enjjoy 3 months free usage at BrowserStack after which they have  to pay $ 20 per month  or so.


Microsoft also created add-ins for developers using Chrome or Firefox, which will give them single click access to the BrowserStack virtual testing service right from the browser of their choice. Additionally, Microsoft is also making available free virtual images for developers to download and run local versions of Internet Explorer with Windows for testing – even on Mac, Linux, or PC. These can be downloaded on Modern.IE.


While IE9 and the recently released IE10 represent an new chapter in IE’s long history, customers on older versions of IE continue to be a challenge for developers to test for, particularly when those developers are on non-Windows platforms. Microsoft has analyzed these challenges and incorporated multiple changes in the product including adopting automatic updates to move customers to the latest version of IE.  Microsoft has also introduced Platform Previews for early developers to provide feedback and has embraced modern web standards coupled with cutting edge performance and advanced touch capabilities; a move that has been well accepted globally by the web developer community.


In short, modern.IE

·       Addresses common problems that result from supporting older versions of IE: This wizard detects the most common compatibility issues and help developers find a solution quickly


·       Helps sites work well across browsers, across devices: The wizard also includes a set of emerging best practices on the web that apply to the growing range of form-factors- mobile, desktop, tablets, even large-screen TVs


·       Suggest enhancements to take advantage of new features in Windows 8: This includes suggestions for touch-enabled browsing and Start Screen site tile. These are ways developers can take advantage of Windows to deliver a more personalized browsing experience for their users.

Do see the video on our home page ( for a few days) Developers using modern.IE