Cool tool for games freaks

Kingston launches  dual cooling fans for memory boards -- and they wink to  match your music moodThe world's largest independent manufacturer of memory modules  came up with a -- literally -- cool idea at the recent Computex show in Taiwan:   the HyperX Fan   for its own HyperX memory modules.  Intended to cool the twin memory chips on the board, the Fab module sits on top the 6GB combo of chips - and cool the board at a whisper-quiet  25 dbA noise level. What's more  8 blue LEDS on top,  dance in unison,  making for  a cool  cooling idea.


The fans can be bought separately or integrated with Kingston's  6GB 2000 MHz and  6GB 1800 MHz memory modules. The items  are expected to reach India soon -- and though the company has not released price information yet, we understand  they might add  very little to the  cost of  the memory and  when obtained separately might cost the equivalent of $ 25.


Games freaks are used to overclock their CPUs like mad -- and these fans might just help that happen, even as they send out a hep  blue message en route.

( see Tech Video demo of the item on this page for a brief period)

(June 8 2009)