How touching! Portronics’ Handmate brings Windows 8 touch features to non-touch screens

New Delhi, December10 , 2012: A lot of Windows 7 users might wish to upgrade to the new Windows 8 operating system. But as reviews and media stories have warned, it makes sense to change only if your device is touch sensitive – because Microsoft seems to have optimised Windows 8 for tablets and other New Age touch-enabled screens.But owners of traditional non-touch desktops or laptops may still be able to exploit Windows 8 as it was meant to be – by adding the sense of touch to their computing platforms. 

How? By adding a cool accessory from Portronics, called Handmate. 

Handmate uses Ultrasound and Infrared technologies, consists of ultrasonic digital stylus and a small receiving unit. This device is designed for Windows 8, enables all non-touch Laptop screens to enjoy touch features.

You can clip on the Handmate pen attachment to your USB port and slide, swap, drag to operate; view Web &mail, zoom in & zoom out pictures, playing games, annotate on office document freely. It works of pen batteries which assure a typical 500 hours of writing or hovering. Available in India next week, Handmate from Portronics costs Rs 4999.

See for a few days, a video on how the Handmate works, in out Tech Video spot on the home page