Anti radiation fabric may have wide civilian and defence applications

Kochi, October 19 2012: Ansif Global Inc, a global unit of the Kochi headquartered Paradise Industries , has brought a versatile Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR)–proof material to India, that has a gamut of applications in healthcare, security and industry.

Group CEO Ansif Ashraf, unveiled the material an a workshop organised at the Cochin College here,   which will soon see an R&D centre created jointly with Ansif Global.

The EMR shilelding fabric, being branded “Prudenza”, is rated to withstand radiation up to 10000 MHz. Consumer applications include shields against radiation threats to the patients with pacemakers from HF devices, preventing radiation threat from MRI Scanning Rooms etc. In a demonstration Mr Ashraf showed how a mobile phone wrapped in the fabric was shielded from incoming calls. 

He suggested that this would be useful in preventing the remote triggering of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) through cell phones – something that would be of interest to law enforcement and anti-terorist organizations.

With everyday radation threats increasing from mobile cell towers to induction cookers and microwaves such materials will see increasing application – particularly to shield babies at a critical stage in their growth, Ashraf said.

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