Stellar extends data recovery to Ultrabooks, solid state devices

New Delhi, October 10, 2012: Gurgaon-based Data Recovery Solutions leader Stellar, has unveiled new services for recovery from solid state devices which are becoming increasingly popular in notebooks, cameras, iPods, tablets etc. The offering was showcased at the Interop show in Mumbai which opened today. A specific service for Ultrabooks, has also been announced. Apart from human errors like accidental deletion or drive format; some common reasons of data loss are corruption of controller chip, firmware issues, and chip damage due to overheating. The advance data recovery capabilities of Stellar are capable to recover seemingly lost or deleted data even from SSD drive of Ultrabooks.

Common reasons of data loss from SSD are : Corruption or damage to the controller chip; damage to the internal circuit of the SSD; damage to parts of memory; corruption of the media by any virus/malware; corruption of the encryption file and damage to the media by excessive heat or any liquid going inside etc.

Stellar handles all popular SSD brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Patriot, G. Skill, Samsung, Intel, Corsair and OCZ.