Free engineering and management courseware on Micromax Funbook tablets in India

22nd August 2012
Free  engineering  and management courseware on Micromax Funbook tablets in India

Noida, August 22, 2012: Leading global publishers McGraw-Hill Education have joined hands with Smart Education Platform provider, Vriti, to launch free, online 'Smart Courses' for Engineering and Management on tablet devices. In India, these pre-bundled courses will be available on the Micromax Funbook, an Indian tablet with e-learning features.
These would contain e-books, assignments, videos, multimedia, detailed assessments & personalized tips . The pre-bundled short summarized courses will be upgradable to the full 'Smart Course' offering through e-payments on the tablet. The partnership plans to introduce over 100 free courses in the higher education segments of Engineering and Management. The platform will adhere to the syllabi of several technical universities in India and abroad making it relevant for a broad group of students. The first sets of courses are planned for release in early September.

Says Ajay Shukla, Managing Director at Tata McGraw-Hill Education: "We are excited about this innovative partnership that puts the power of learning in the hands of the students and gives anytime, anywhere access to our acclaimed education content and resources. We believe that the partnership can contribute significantly to improving learning outcomes and enhance the learning experience of students".

Adds Deepak Mehrotra, CEO, Micromax: "Tablets have huge potential in the education sector. Funbook, our 7" version of the device came packed with content targeted towards early learners. The focus with the upcoming 10" Funbook Pro is going to be on higher education and for the same we have tied-up with Tata McGraw Hill and Vriti. Our tie-up will strengthen the content on the device for management and engineering students who will be able to access the due supported content. This association will open up opportunities for students across the globe to get access to valuable content."

And Swapnil Shrivastav, Founder and MD, Vriti adds "We are very excited to work with Tata McGraw Hill to provide access to such expensive and high quality summarized content to students for free. With our smart platform we bring the interactivity, peer communication and self-paced pedagogy required to convert a static book into an adaptive and personalized course. With affordable and quality hardware like Micromax Funbook, this is a viral solution for students globally."