Actis brings gesture technology to corporate India

Bangalore, August 22 2012: Communication and collaboration technologies specialists, Actis Technologies, have created gesture control solutions with wide applications in the corporate world. Gesture control technology which is at a nascent stage worldwide interprets human gestures via mathematical algorithms into commands and functions. It enables gestures to move slides in a presentation, control a video walls in a network operations centre (NOC), operate multiple screens in a security surveillance system, browse through screens at a lobby or digital cafeteria and maneuver screens at a Stock exchange.

Actis employs technologies like Kinect (Microsoft) to provide the solutions and is completing some maiden installations.

Says Abhimanyu Gupta, Director - Actis Technologies, “It is widely anticipated that gesture controls will eventually replace the touch screen interface as we know it today. The technology already has its presence in the gaming industry, but the wide possibilities of gesture control commercially are still untapped. Indian businesses are rapidly adopting new technologies and we see huge potential for the technology in India especially in operations that deal with huge amount of data like software companies, stock exchanges, educational institutes, research laboratories, biotech firms, news & media house, security companies, etc.”

Gestures can originate from any bodily motion or state but commonly originate from the face or hand. Devices using gesture control does not require any hardware inputs like a mouse or a keyboard and work with great efficiency. The solutions provided by Actis promises low latency rate, high flexibility and customization.