Heeha 700 camera-cum-pocket games console targets small kids

Chennai, August 8 , 2012: Inspan Infotech has brought a portable games device plus camcorder for small children, to India. The Heeha 700, sourced from Genius targets kids kids above 6 years.

 It is preinstalled with 30+ games. It has a camcorder function and a built-in SD card slot, so one can save photos and videos to a SD card. The Heeha 700 can be connected to a TV and play games, share photos or videos with family and friends. It weighs just 118g (excluding batteries) and costs Rs 4705.

Key features: Camera and camcorder function, photo pixels: 2M; video pixels 160 x 120; Power on/off, direction pad, A button (Play & Confirm), B button; (Shutter/Delete) and album button (playback); DV function works when using SD card; SD card slot, and AV jack for connecting to TV; 2.7" TFT colorful screen and built in mic; Volume functions; Total 38 games, including 30 classic games and eight photo games

Package comes with Heeha 700 pocket game, 3 AA alkaline batteries, AV cable and multi-language quick guide.