Yahoo! OpenHack is back -- in Bangalore

Bangalore, August 1, 2012: The fifth edition of Open Hack, Yahoo!India’s annual, 24-hour coding marathon will take place on August 11- 12 in Bangalore. 

Over 2,000 developers have registered this year, including 700 developers from 20 states across India.

The day-and-night non stop hackathon will be preceded by a series on technical workshops on August 11. To build their application, hackers are provided with popular technologies and tools from the Open Web,including Yahoo!’s YUI, YQL and Mojito (see tech notes below), as well as geo-location and Flickr APIs (Application Programmable Interface)—which serve as the core building blocks for new applications. All the entries will be reviewed at the end of the 24-hour hacking period. The shortlisted entries will be demo-ed for the panel of judges to determine the winning hacks. The grand winner will be invited to attend the global Yahoo! Hack event in Cannes in 2013.

The first Open Hack in India was hosted back in 2007. 180 developer and designers attended the event, mostly from the Bangalore area.

Says Shouvick Mukherjee, VP and Head,Yahoo! India R&D: “Open Hack Day celebrates the culture of innovation, bringing developers from all over the country to turn ideas into a working prototype, or a hack as it’s called. It provides a chance to work together, and make something cool that can potentially solve a “real-world” problem impacting millions of Internet users. Over the years, Yahoo! has witnessed several hack prototypes evolve into products, apps, partnerships and even funded startups”.

Tech note on Yahoo hack tools: YUI: Yahoo! User Interface. It is an extremely popular open-source framework, written with JavaScript and CSS, for building rich, interactive web applications.

YQL: Yahoo! Query Language is an expressive SQL-like language that lets developers query, filter, and join data across Web services.

Mojito: mobile development platform that allows developers to target multiple device formats with one set of code.