Record at will, from PC, TV, Habycam, DVD player
AVerTV Box PVR: versatile stand alone recording accessory

New Delhi, July 26 201: Something on the wishlist of many television owners whose budget doesn’t stretch to the fancy, ‘smart’ TV models or who do not get their feed from a satellite dish-based digital set top box with abuilt in recorder—is a way of capturing some of the things they watch. AVerMedia Technologies has come up with an viable solution – the AVerTV Box PVR (A229), a standalone TV recording box  which can be used with TV set or PC monitor.

It enables direct recording from TV to USB hard drives, using scheduled recording and TimeShift options enabling pause, fast-forward and rewind of live TV clips. it can also be used to preserve video from various external source devices like camcorder, DVD player and game console. through the Composite interface. 

This feature makes it a convenient tool for digitizing piles of old VHS tapes. Moreover, the composite input and output work together to present you real-time gameplay experience while recording in background. 

The AVerTV Box PVR (A229) costs Rs 8750 in India with a warranty of 2 years.  

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