New Wammy tablet has built-in SIM slot for 3G access

Mumbai June 25 2012: Hard on the heels of their launch of the Wammy tablet, Mumbai-based Wickedleak has unveiled an upgraded offering, the Wammy Plus, with phone calling features and built-in 3G connectivity via SIM slot.

We have come across many Indian tablets that don’t live up to the promised connectivity to WiFI or broadband, because the USB broadband dongles generally available in India don’t match the built-in drivers provided with the tablet… and without the ability to connect to the Internet through the USB port, the tablet is virtually an unconnected and unconnectable machine.
Which is why why are interested to find that the Wammy Plus offers a SIM slot. You cant go wrong with that as long as you have a 3G SIM.

The 7-inch screen has reasonable but not spectacular resolutions of 800 x 480p but the tablet is very light at 450 grams, and runs off a a 1GHz processor , with 512 MB RAM and 4GB internal memory. The slot provided for takes up to 32GB microSD cards. The Tablet also supports Navigations apps like Google Maps.

There are 2 cameras placed on either side for photography purposes. The Tablet enables voice calling and SMS too.

The Android 4 Wammy Plus costs Rs 11499, in India, can be bought at with delivery starting from July 1 2012.