Milagrow robot offers one-touch window cleaning

Bengaluru, May 29, 2012: Having launched a robotic floor cleaner a few months ago, (  )Gurgaon-based Milagrow Business & Knowledge Solutions has brought the world’s first automatic window cleaning robot to India.

 “Milagrow- WindowRobot” was first unveiled at the the CES show in Las Vegas in February. Milagrow's new offering is expected to be popular with apartment owners in high rises as well as businesses with a need of cleanliness, especially the hospitals and retailers.

The Window Cleaning Robot comes in two units; one for the cleaning and the other for navigation. The units are kept together by Neodymium permanent magnets that you can adjust to suit the thickness of different windows, from 5mm to 28mm. It has options of manual cleaning, using a remote control, or auto cleaning by setting it in a zigzag motion in 1-click.

Milagrow Window Robot is a smart auto glass cleaning robot that returns to its starting position when the cleaning is done. It also sends an alarm beeping sound when the cleaning session is through or if it needs recharging when the batteries are low. A fully charged unit can clean window panes for up to two hours. It can perfectly clean a square meter of glass in ten minutes. Windoro stays attached to the glass even when it is turned off, ensuring fall-proof safety at all times.

Preparing the Robot to work is simple. First, clean the wheels and rollers and remove foreign objects. Check the bottom of the navigation unit and remove any foreign objects. Put the special cleaning detergent into the inlet of the cleaning unit. Attach the micro-fiber pads to the bottom of the cleaning unit. Turn the units on and place them on either side of the window pane. Adjust the magnetic intensity through the knob and look at the LED indicators to set the appropriate force. A yellow light indicates that the magnetic force is weak and a red light indicates that the magnetic force is too intense; a green light indicates that the force is just right.

Press the start button to let Windoro start the cleaning. If you want to share the fun, you can use the remote control to move the robot around. Using the remote control, you can also adjust the amount of detergent dispensed or the speed of movement. 

In June 2012 one can order these robots online in 4 cities - Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi/NCR. In July the reach will be extended to 6 more cities - Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Cochin. After sales support personnel are available in each city.

The introductory price of the product is Rs 35,990.