From BusinessIntelligenze, an affordable BI tool for BPO players

New Delhi, April 18, 2012: India’s first BI-as-a-service (BaaS) company , for BPOs, BusinessIntelligenze, has unveiled, PyramidAnalysis, a cloud BI solution for BPO reporting: at Rs 500  ( approx. $ 10) onwards per user,  per month,  it is arguably the most inexpensive BI solution in the world. Says Rahul Sethi, Founder & CEO, BusinessIntelligenze: “It makes perfect business sense for the BPOs, small to large, to be paying for only as much BI as they use, without any service cost whatsoever. Realizing this very genuine need of the BPOs and implementing the proven cloud model, for the many advantages it has on offer, to BI seemed to be an idea whose time has come”.

According to a recent NASSCOM report, the direct employment of IT-BPOs in 2011-12 was around 2.5 million. Industry experts are of the view that most BPOs deploy BI to less than 10 percent of the people who need it. Clearly, there’s a huge business potential lying untapped. 

In less than a year after start-up, BusinessIntelligenze, has won global BI contracts from mid to large size BPO’s and Contact Centers and stalwarts of the industry like Microsoft, Intel and Blackberry have partnered with it.

PyramidAnalysis allows managers of such BPOs to watch performance across multiple campaigns, across multiple locations, on a single dashboard. Smaller, independent BPOs using are able to assure their global clients of standards similar to their larger counterparts in bigger cities….. thus leveling the playing field., one of the most recognized platforms showcasing start-ups in association with Sequoia Capital, the well-known VC fund, and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) selected BusinessIntelligenze as one of India’s 15 most promising start-ups of 2011.