From Microsoft, a keyboard for tablets and portable devices

New Delhi, April 16,2012: Microsoft has introduced  in India, a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard which will find favour with  thick-fingered Netbook or tablet PC owners who are not too happy with the existing keying options, real or virtual.

The Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7,Windows Vista, iOS and Android. It works with PCs, iPad, iPad2, and many Android devices. Less than three-quarters of an inch thick, it is small enough to slip into a bag and weighs just 400 gms though it comes with a full sized 104 key configuration. It uses standard triple A batteries and  is among the first multi-platform Bluetooth keyboards to be launched in India.It costs Rs 3350. .

Says Satish Parreddi,Senior Product Marketing Manager, Retail Sales & Marketing, Microsoft Corporation (India): “Consumers today want style, portability aswell as comfort and our latest keyboard is the perfect companion totoday’s mobile lifestyle. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile keyboard 5000 isespecially designed for people on the move and as the market for mobileproducts such as the Tablets and Laptops increases; this is poised to become anaccessory consumers would definitely want”.