D-Link provides a Cloud link to its products

Mumbai, March 05, 2012 : Global leader in networking and connectivity solutions,D-Link, has brought a ‘personal cloud’ networking solution for the first time to Indian consumers: The mydlink Cloud product line is a platform that allows consumers to effortlessly control, view, share and access their network devices – anytime, anywhere. Under the umbrella of mydlink cloud services, the company has introduced a gamut of devices like Cloud Routers, Cloud Camera and Cloud Storage. All D-Link Cloud products are based on its mydlink platform and can be managed easily through mydlink website www.mydlink.dlink.com.

D-Link has also introduced mydlink app for iOS and Android mobile devices, which will allow consumers to control, view and share via. any computer or portable device like an iPad or smartphone, anywhere, anytime.

Says Gary Yang, Managing Director, D-Link (India): “Globally D-Link has been in the networking business for over 25 years and a pioneer in wireless technology space. In India, D-Link is synonymous with the internet revolution, as we were the early entrants in broadband segment in early 1990s, with the very first broadband modem. Today, technology is more e- driven by applications, and mobility is the key. With mydlink cloud services, we embark on a new paradigm in consumer cloud space.”

Adds Tushar Sighat, CEO, D-Link (India): “India is a very important market to us and one of the most competitive and mature markets today. While ‘cloud computing’ has already garnered a lot attention, it is the personal cloud that will forever change the face of networking in the future. Going forward, most of D-Link products will come under the umbrella of mydlink cloud services”.

mydlink cloud solution:D-Link Cloud Router allows consumer to experience the capabilities of personal cloud in their day-to-day operations. With all the mydlink cloud routers, users can easily remotely control their network in real time, no matter where they are. Working parents can easily keep a check on what their child is browsing from anywhere or glance through the browsing history anytime. Similarly one can also receive notifications or e-mail alerts on their handheld device or computers, whenever a new user connects to the router or there is an unauthorized intrusion. So users can now get complete control, & secure their network easily with mydlink cloud routers.

D-Link Cloud Camera is an easy to use, versatile surveillance solution ideal for Home & SOHO users. It allows users to stay connected to what matters the most to them, as with its remote monitoring capabilities one can view live video feeds anytime, anywhere. So once the cameras are on the network, users can access live view via. an iPhone or Android device with free mydlink applications from anywhere. Or if at a desktop computer, then mydlink.com portal is always available giving instant access to camera feeds. Users can also take snapshot of any important event and share the same with friends and family. D-Link cloud cameras offer automatic day/night viewing and remote control functionality.

D-Link Cloud Storage allows users to build their own personal cloud, and effortlessly share digital content with family and friends via. an easy-to-remember URL from mydlink. All that a user needs to do is, simply plug in a USB thumb drive or external hard drive and enjoy the freedom to share and access digital media from anywhere with complete security.

Mydlink cloud products are being currently made available all across India.Cloud Router – DIR-600L, DIR-605L is priced at Rs. 1900 & Rs. 2900 respectively.Cloud Camera – DCS-930L, DCS-932L is priced at Rs. 4299 & Rs. 5499 respectivelyCloud Storage – DNR-322L is Rs. 14000.

D-Link (India) Limited is a part of D-Link Corporation and one of the largest networking company in India. D-Link India today has 17 branch offices & 22 advanced service centers dotted across India.