Sandisk launches zippy solid state drives for desktops

22nd February 2012
Sandisk launches zippy solid state drives for desktops

New Delhi, February 21, 2012— Global leader in flash memory storage solutions, SanDisk Corporation has brought a solid state drive (SSD) option for desktop PCs and servers to India.
The SanDisk Extreme SSD promises to be up to 10 times faster than a 7,200 RPM hard disk drive, enabling computer users to quickly boot and shut down their systems, launch applications faster and reduce wait times. The drive is also more durable and power efficient, delivering a reliable computing experience while maximizing battery life.The SSD can boot a PC in less than 16 seconds and quickly shut down the system, delivering a significantly improved user experience to desktop and notebook users. For gamers, the SanDisk Extreme SSD can launch applications in a fraction of the time and reduce in-game delays by generating environments faster during sequence transitions. This is particularly important during massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

“Computer wait times are becoming a thing of the past thanks to SSDs,” says Kent Perry, director, product marketing, SanDisk. “Our SanDisk Extreme SSD delivers virtually instant boot and shutdown times along with faster application launches. It’s a huge improvement to the computing experience.”
The SanDisk Extreme SSD delivers up to 83,000 maximum random write Input-Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and up to 44,000 random read2 IOPS. High sequential read performance3 of up to 550 megabytes-per-second (MB/s) and up to 520MB/s sequential write speed deliver faster, more responsive computing. The drive contains no moving parts, decreasing the risk of data loss due to shock and vibration, and its mean time between failure (MTBF)4 greatly exceeds that of hard disk drives. It consumes 30 percent less power than a hard disk drive while generating less heat and noise, making it an ideal solution for notebook users. The drive is easy to install—simply plug it into a computer’s SATA port.
Such speed and performance comes at a price: The SanDisk Extreme SSD costs Rs . 18,049 and Rs. 32,249 respectively for the 120 GB and 240 GB versions. Import duties make these prices costlier that the global dollar prices of approximately $190 and $ 400 and even after the price hike in hard disks after the Thailand floods, 250 GB SATA HDDs are available in India for around Rs 4000 – Rs 5000. However SanDisk drive prices are in the same ball park of other SSD internal drives in the market.