NashWall promises secure virus-proofing

Bangalore, February 3 2012: The pioneers of Indian Anti-Virus products, who developed India’s first anti-virus software, Nashot, back in 1989, are back – with what they claim is the world’s first Virus-Proofing software: NashWall Cyber Surakshaa. NashWall stops viruses at the entry points, instead of scanning for millions of signatures. It p revents installations of programs on the system, unless authorized by the user. Running of programs from external m edia too is prevented to stop memory Infections. After years of testing in live conditions, it has proved to be successful in virus-proofing the systems.

It also prevents Spreading of viruses by Infected Systems within LAN, which the hardware firewalls at the gateway, can never prevent. Once NashWalled, you can surf Internet, copy / edit documents, access database or use your computer, without feeling threatened by old or new viruses, malware, Root-Kits, Bot-Nets or hackers. Link for try-out: