The team behind BigBasket... inset, a screen grab of the Web portal
Indian e-biz veterans join to create online grocery supermart for Bangalore

Bangalore January 23, 2012 – Bangalore grocery buyers can now do their shopping online: BigBasket.comhas launched the IT capital’s first comprehensive online grocery store. With over 6,000products, it covers all categories such as staples & provisions, fresh fruits & vegetables, toiletries, branded food & non-food products, bread & bakery products, dairy products, frozen Foods such as ice cream and more.

BigBasketi s promoted serial entrepreneurs and FabMart and FabMall co-founders, V S Sudhakar, Hari Menon, Vipul Parekh, V S Ramesh and Abhinay Choudhari with leading entrepreneurs K Ganesh and Meena Ganesh, founders of successful ventures like TutorVista, Customer Asset, IT&T as the co-promoters.Thefounding teams brings with it over 45 years of offline and online retail experience and are e-commerce pioneers having floated India's first e-commerce site

BigBasket is targeting the tech savvy Banglorean. An easy to use and intuitive site interface, cash on delivery andthe option of choosing the time slot and day on which the grocery needs to be delivered makes the shopping experience totally attuned to meet a busy customer’s needs.

"We are very excited with the idea of giving today’s time strapped customer a highly convenient shopping experience. We are comparable, if not better interms of price and quality with the local grocer or super market. We are currently launching our service in Bangalore, and are looking at entering fourmore cities this year and eventually covering 20 cities in the next couple of years," said K Ganesh, the co-promoter of the venture.

The people behind BigBasket: 

HariMenon is the CEO & Head Merchandising Prior to this he was the CEO of Indiaskills, the Vocational Education JV of Manipal Group with City& Guilds. He was also the Cofounder of Fabmall, one of the pioneers in the e-commerce space in India. 

Abhinay Choudhari is the Head Technology and Customer Service at He is also the founder of, which has been piloted for the last 12 months. Prior to this, he has worked with leading IT companies in consulting engagements with key retail majors like Tesco and LEGO across the world.

Vipul Parekh is the Head Marketing &Finance at Prior to this he was an Investment Director at PeepulCapital. He has also been the Co Founder of Fabmall and the business development head in Wipro Ltd.

V S Ramesh is the Head Logistics &Supply Chain at He was the Co founder of Fabmall. Prior toFabmall, he ran the operations and logistics for a large fleet of ships for a shipping major. He has over 21 years of experience in the Indian Navy handling Operations and Logistics. 

Krishnan Ganesh – Co-promoter, is the founder and Chairman of (, a personalized, 24 hour online tutoring and test prep service.

Meena Ganesh - Co-promoter is the CEO and MD of Pearson Education Services, which includes innovative and successful brands like TutorVista, leading online tutoring company, andEdurite, provider of technology-based solutions and digital content. Prior to this, Meena was the CEO of Tesco's operations in India, the Tesco Hindustan Service Centre.  

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