Downturn? ‘Don’t just survive, thrive!’

May1; 2009; BANGALORE: Downturns do strange things to IT solution providers. Some see others’ crises as their opportunity and try to convince corporate customers that dumping their current systems and buying like crazy is the best way to beat recession. Their logic might defy commonsense and basic business logic – but they ain’t giving up without trying. We know of at least   one IT biggie who is telling  enterprises this week,  to go in for a completely new hardware line-up, with stats reeled out by tame analysts to prove their point. 

We also spoke last week to one enterprise systems management vendor who, in contrast, is telling down-in-the-dumps players to make better use of what they already have – stretch  existing infrastructure to manage any new platforms they may have to create; figure out which are the most time consuming tasks, then automate them; try to meet service level agreements with fewer resources; lower your own admin costs by letting end users ‘ do it themselves’ where ever possible. 

Quest Software headquartered in California, US, with an India operation in Mumbai and Bangalore, since 2007, is an acknowledged leader in helping companies migrate painlessly from legacy systems to new, more efficient ones.  They have cannily exploited some  possibilities  in Microsoft’s Windows management and database management  by making customers of such proprietary tools and systems a godfather-like offer they can’t refuse: to make them work better, faster, more efficiently. 

In India recently, Quest’s Asia Pacific and Japan Vice President Richard Moseley briefed IndiaTechOnline on the company’s most recent offerings – which embrace unified communications, identity management – and virtualisation. Their India Managing Director Krishnan Thyagarajan is a  former  Microsoft veteran who helped grow their business in this country so clearly he has an edge in helping quest customers here   fine tune their Windows apps.

We like the document Quest has put together on how companies can get more bang for their IT buck in these tough times and share it with interested readers:

Getting the Best Value for Your IT  Dollar in a Down Economy. Aggie Haslup, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing. Quest Software, Inc