Tap-n-pay technology comes to India

10th November 2011
Tap-n-pay technology comes to India

Mumbai, November 9, 2011 -- PayMate, India's leading wireless transactions platform provider, has developed a cutting edge NFC technology solution that enables easy display, delivery, and purchase of goods and services using a simple tap. and has partnered with Nokia to showcase to the Indian market some of the capabilities of NFC and bringing NFC to the Indian mainstream.
NFC (Near Field Communication) uses radio frequency identification technology to allow an NFC enabled device to swap information instantly in real time. This technology was used by Nokia in promotions for the Ra.One Bollywood release to give away film-related content such as ringtones, games, wallpapers etc. Going forward, the NFC technology has the potential to be used to make easy, quick and smooth mobile payment transactions.

"Besides being a cost effective and user-friendly technology, the basic requirement to be able to use this technology is having an NFC enabled device. The NFC technology being quite popular in tech-forward countries such as South Korea and Japan, we are proud to have collaborated with Nokia on the largest deployment of NFC touch points in India, which also happens to be one of the single largest deployments worldwide of NFC technology, and look forward to seeing the potential of NFC in areas such as mobile payments." says Ajay Adiseshann, Founder and MD of PayMate.

Says Viral Oza, Director Marketing Nokia India:"As a market leader, it is our constant endeavor to offer innovations which make our consumer's life simpler. To create awareness around this technology, we have deployed NFC chips with unique content across almost 1,000 Nokia outlets in the country. The consumer response to the 'Just Tap' with NFC feature on our smartphones has been very encouraging. We are confident of the potential of this technology in the future and are working closely to get the ecosystem ready for this technology."

NFC solution enables users to access Content and Services, simply and securely with a single tap of the phone against an NFC touch point. You can exchange text, images, URLs and other data simply by holding your phone up to various smart tags. It promotes quick and easy sharing of content between two mobile devices as well as with consumer electronics such as cameras, TVs and printers.

This experience can also be extended to a convenient and secure checkout and payment with the PayMate solution. Customer could purchase an item by simply tapping their NFC enabled device against an NFC enabled menu or a tag on an item they wish to purchase. All product information could be transmitted to the customer's phone via the information triggered from the RFID tag and the customer can then choose to go ahead and select the item for purchase. Their NFC device could be linked via PayMate to a payment mechanism such as their bank account or a prepaid account and the customer could then authorise the payment directly on to their mobile phones. NFC thereby helps in contactless payments by transforming the mobile phone into a digital wallet, thus eliminating the need to carry cash and credit cards.

Likewise, coupons, promotions and advertisements for various products and services could also be transmitted to the consumer's phone, taking mobile marketing to a new level.

For the end user, the entire experience is fast, precise, and convenient. For merchants and content providers, NFC is a cost effective, active, and engaging solution that also provides real-time usage and insight to customer interests and preferences.