Clock ticking to block your domain name from XXX misuse

Singapore October 26 2011: Friday October 28 is the dealine for non-adult Intellectual Property holders who are non-members of the adult Sponsored Community with verifiable trademark rights so they can block their domains in the .XXX top level domain. This window of opportunity known as Sunrise B is aimed at applicants from outside of the adult Sponsored Community. These applicants are owners of a qualifying trademark registration, who seek to reserve names in order to ensure that those names are not registered as domain names by others in .XXX. At the close of the Sunrise Period, if no conflicting application by a Sunrise A applicant has been made, these names will be reserved from registration (blocked).

ICM Registry, the company behind the .XXX top-level domain (TLD), is advising brands and IP holders that they have just 2 days remaining of the .XXX Sunrise Period, the unique window available to trademark holders inside and outside of the adult industry to apply to register or exempt themselves from .XXX, ending on 28th October 2011.

Says Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry “Protecting trademarks after Sunrise could prove more difficult, expensive and time consuming, so we are eager to make sure brands and IP holders do not miss the opportunity to safeguard their digital property during this exclusive window.”  

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