SanDisk offers Memory Vault to store your valuable data for 100 years

October 17 2011: A new storage device from SanDisk promises to store your valuable files, images and videos for a hundred years. The SanDisk Memory Vault system contains a combination of a proprietary ASIC controller, non-volatile memory, and a system firmware to tie the two together. The resulting memory system provides users with a digital memory vault capable of keeping their most precious memories safe, at their original quality, for up to 100 years.

SanDisk says test data collected during our verification process prove that the Memory Vault product is capable of up to 100 years of data retention under typicalroom temperature storage conditions, with humidity and static protection.

One can save their memories forever by connecting the SanDisk Memory Vault to the respective PC/Laptop with a standard USB cable, and saving the designated photos. The SanDisk Memory Vault is available in 8 gigabyte (GB) and 16GB capacities and can store thousands of images and hours of HD video. The device carries MSRPs of Rs. 3,499 (8GB) to Rs5,499 (16GB), and includes a lifetime limited warranty.

Link to Sandisk data retention test methodology: