Yahoo!Mail offers new Social-media-friendly features

Yahoo!Mail has announced new features for better integration with social media services like Twitter, Facebook and visual services like Picasa, Flickr and YouTube.

The key highlights of the new Yahoo! mail:

Stay Connected to Social Networks
– A central destination for bringing together social experiences from across the web, Yahoo! Mail lets people view and share updates from Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo!, and beyond. Enhanced IM and SMS capabilities surface your Top 10 Contacts by default, making it easier to access the people you communicate with the most.

Communicate Faster and Do More- Yahoo! Mail offers 2x fast performance over previous versions and has speed-up tools surfacing messages from contacts or embedding applications like eVite directly into the inbox.

View Inline Photos and Videos Right from the Inbox – New automatic slideshow features allow people to easily view photos and videos from sites like Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube from right within their email messages.

Search through Mail with ease-. New search refinement features allow users to easily navigate, sort, and narrow search results by sender, attachment file, date, or folder location.

Stay Protected from Spam –Mail utilizes Yahoo!'s global cloud computing infrastructure to further Yahoo!’s anti-spam efforts and provide an even safer mail experience for users. With new SpamGuard enhancements, Yahoo! has seen a 60% decline in reported spam in the latest version of Yahoo! Mail

New Applications

All My Purchases: A free and simple way to track, organize, and view online purchases in one place with receipts and order information.

Unsubscriber: Easily and safely unsubscribe from unwanted emails by dragging them into the Unsubscribe folder and ensure you’ll never be bothered by that sender again.

Attach Large Files by YouSendIt: Easily and securely send files up to 100MB per email.

In India, Yahoo! Mail reaches over 44.5% of the total monthly Indian online population on email.   July 26 2011