VMware's India & SAARC Managing Director, T Srinivasan
VMware unveils latest avatar of cloud infrastructure solutions


Fifth generation of apps sees SMB thrust; cost effectiveness.

From Vishnu Anand in Bangalore: Virtualization leader VMware has launched the fifth generation of its virtualization offering, vSphere in Bangalore, coinciding with the global launch by VMware CEO Paul Maritz.

Also launched were vShield 5, vCenter Site Recovery Manager, and vCloud Director 1.5. The broad aim of the new range of virtualization offerings is to encourage deployment of business critical applications on the cloud, and guarantee security, agility and easier migration/communication between internal and external cloud infrastructures.

One of the biggest advancements of vSphere 5 is the presence of 32 virtual processors in each virtual machine, dramatically increasing available on-demand compute power. Also, the vSphere app features an 'automatic feedback' which makes the reporting duties of a CIO much easier. COmbined with the rest of the offerings, VMware ensures that workloads are broken down into smaller 'deltas' and processed faster, to provide a direct business gain to virtualization and cloud users. Supported by faster provisioning capabilities, VMware directly helps the CIO to balance workloads based on required compute power on-the-go.

On the storage front, a three tier architecture helps remotely prioritize workloads based on the 'criticality' of the application, while the new licensing model to customers ensures that they pay per pooled vRAM, which means they pay for the pool of CPUs, memory, storage and networking devices, thereby putting a realistic cost to cloud infrastructures.

According to an October 2010 Gartner survey of midmarket companies, SMBs are adopting virtualization at a very aggressive pace – by 2012, slightly more than 75 percent expect to have server virtualization in wide use – with disaster recovery representing the largest areas of IT investment for SMBs over the next two years.

For more information on the new VMware offerings: http://www.vmware.com/cloud-infrastructure/   

See for a few  days only, a video in our Tech Video slot, a walkthrough the VMware facilities where  the new releases were crafted, by CTO  Steve Herrod.

From: Vishnu Anand in Bangalore, July 15 2011