Now, talk to your headset with the Jabra Stone2

05th July 2011
Now, talk to your headset with  the Jabra Stone2
Look Ma! No hands!, Jabra's voice -based bluetooth headset

Headset solutions leader Jabra has launched an innovative Bluetooth headset in India which enables wearers to talk to their headsets (give voice commands) and one that talks to you ( through voice guidance).
The Jabra STONE2 lets you send and read a text message or an email, or update your Facebook and other social network site pages by just using your voice. You can answer and screen calls with a simple voice command.

The product was honoured as the best wireless handset accessory of 2011 for its engineering and innovative design at the CES Best of Innovation awards earliere this year at Las Vegas, US.
Says Ann Goh, Regional Sales Manager, GN Netcom, Jabra’s parent company: “The wireless ‘earvolution’ continues and Jabra STONE2 takes it one step further with an innovative voice systems, multimedia capabilities and optimization with a wide variety of voice enabled applications.”

Voice Control: With Jabra STONE2, users are empowered to make, answer, end, redial, ignore and reject a call (even call back) via their voice. They just have to say the right function-related word like “Call Dad”, “Answer”, “Ignore” etc., to enjoy complete hands free communication.

Voice Guidance: Users get to hear the name of the caller through Jabra STONE2 (for example, “Mom Cell”, “David’s Office” etc.), exactly how they have stored the name in their phone. If the caller’s number is not stored in the phone, STONE2 reads out the phone number. It says “Connected” as and when it pairs with the mobile phone. In fact, it even guides you through to the set-up or the pairing process. It says “Low Battery” when it needs to be charged.
Voice Applications: Utilizing the Jabra World of Apps portal, consumers can easily and quickly find applications for productivity; games and entertainment; voice dialing and translation (and even transcription); GPS service etc., that fit their lifestyle and make the most of their STONE2 headset experience. The portal includes voice-enabled applications that allow users to: send text messages or emails using their voice; read email messages; update status on social networking sites including Facebook; notify users of missed calls; listen to customized music stations; find a business; and even get local traffic reports and updates.
The proprietary Noise Blackout Extreme technology enables advanced background noise cancellation using DSP (digital signal processing). It identifies the source of sound and enhances voice turning a noisy car turns into a quiet office and a busy office into a quiet room. In addition, the dual microphones enhance the experience and eliminate the need for a boom arm.
Jabra STONE2 intelligently switches off when placed in portable charger and switches on when removed from it, saving battery level. It offers a long talk time of 10 hrs (2 hrs + 8hrs through the wireless portable charger) and 15 days of standby time. On the inner side of the headset there are LED indicators denoting the battery status. One touch volume control enables the user to increase.
It costs Rs 7999 and is distributed in India by Redington. July 6 2011