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Inmarsat extends utility of IsatPhone with fixed versions

An IndiaTechOnline special from CommunicAsia, Singapore

Global mobile satellite communications leader, Inmarsat has extended the reach and utility of its handheld satellite phone, the IsatPhonePro – to fixed installations. ( see our story at last year’s launch :  ).

Offering a choice of phone hardware, Terra 400 and Terra 800, Inmarsat has launched a new global fixed satellite phone service, starting June 30, “IsatPhone Link”, offering the same voice capabilities, email data services that came with the IsatPhonePro.

IsatPhone Link includes telephone, cabling up to 50 metres, and a small external antenna. It can support both single and multi-user capability and targets sectors that typically operate in remote areas not served by terrestrial networks, such as oil & gas, mining, construction, utilities, aid and disaster relief.It can also be deployed as a pay-phone solution.

“IsatPhone Link brings all the benefits of IsatPhone Pro into a fixed environment, and this opens up new opportunities for remote users and field workers,” said Drew Brandy, Director of Land Services at Inmarsat.

Beam Communications, Inmarsat’s design and manufacturing partner has created two IsatPhone Link products: Terra 400 and Terra 800. Terra 400 is dust and splash proof – ingress protection (IP) rating of 53 – and features a dedicated RJ11/POTS interface for corded or cordless handsets or integration into a PABX. Terra 800 builds upon that model, with an enhanced IP rating of 54, an integrated handset, built-in menu screen, and additional exterior SIM slot for multiple users. Both products provide data access via USB.

A variant of the IsatPhone Link system  for maritime use was also unveiled at  the Singapore launch.

Note for Indian readers: The ownership and  use of satellite based phones in India is restricted by government to a small number of  authorized user categories  mostly  for remote,  strategic and   emergency operations

June 25 2011