Director, Marketing & Solutions & (right) P Sanjeev, Director -Sales, Huawei India Device Business Departmentat the Bangalore launch event, June 14 2011
Huawei unveils first HD phone; creates Bangalore-based R&D centre

From Vishnu Anand in Bangalore.

The 'Devices' division of Huawei has launched three smart-phones in India -- one of them, the first HD-enabled handset to be offered here. With this launch, Huawei enters the consumer market directly -- and through operators like Tata Indicom and hopes to extend its reach from a network provider to an end-to-end cloud-enabled applications and devices provider.

Huawei also announced its Bangalore-based 'product creation centre' which has already helped create the software components of the Huawei branded smart-phones that were launched today.

IDEOS X5 (U8800) is the latest Generation Y Smart-phone for the young professionals, while the IDEOS X2 (U8500) is the sleek touch screen phone targeted at the youth. IDEOS Chat (U8300) with both touch screen and QWERTY keypad will be focused for the younger and on-the-go audience.

Priced at Rs 14,999, IDEOS X5 claims to be the country’s only HD Smart-phone at sub Rs 15,000, offering a 3.8” WVGA full touch screen with SWYPE features which helps users to write as fast as on a PC. The premium-looking smart-phone with 5 MP flash camera and 720p HD video recording and playback features will keep entertainment at the fingertips of the young professionals.

On the other hand, IDEOS X2, priced at Rs. 8999 is powered by Android 2.2 operating system and comes pre-loaded with Facebook, Twitter, Google Mobile Suite and other useful apps.

Aimed at the young explorer audience, is the IDEOS Chat -- claimed to be the “most compact-sized touch and qwerty Android smart phone” in the world. Inspired by a chocolate-bar, this fashionable design comes with a unique “groove” on the back for one hand use. Everything about IDEOS Chat is optimized keeping the young explorers in mind – the pre loaded social apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Mobile Suite; the latest internet connectivity options like WiFi 11n, higher 7.2 Mbps download speeds and a track-ball for faster navigation.

Also, the IDEOS Chat comes with dedicated keys for - smileys, Google search and email “@” sign. This Android 2.1 powered Smart-phone is priced at Rs 8199.

Commenting on the launch  Anand Narang, Marketing Director at Huawei Devices said, “Backed by the success of IDEOS and basis our understanding of the Generation Y in India, we see an increasing shift in the demand for smart-phones in India. It is an opportune time for us to launch our new and exciting range of IDEOS smart-phones whether it’s the X5, X2 or the Chat. We will continue to bring the latest, smartest and technological advanced handsets for our consumers at accessible prices.” June 15 2011