Business Intelligence on the move.. with QlikView
QlikView, now on all HTML5-based portable screens

Having ported its flagship application QlikView to a succession of portable platforms from Iphones and Android Phones to the iPad, Business Intelligence solutions leader QlikTech has broadened its ‘mobile’ reach by extending it to all HTML5-capable browsers.

QlikView on Mobile exploits the large touchscreen interface to offer full touch capabilities, including scrolling and selection in any list box, table, chart or graph, and the ability to cycle through charts, graphs and sheets. As in the native QlikView application, the HTML5 version provides analysis and search across a complete set of up-to-date information, combining data from any number of sources.

QlikView on Mobile is provided free as part of QlikView 10 server – which means customers of QlikView can now extend the reach to all their employees on any portable platform – smart phone, Netbook, Tablet or whatever -- without having to bother about individual licensing., explained David Brierley, QlikTech’s Vice President for International Markets and Henry Seddon, Hong Kong-based Vice President, Global Marketing, during their recent visit to India, in a special briefing for The new HTML5 interface, effectively erases the need to create platform-specific applications and extends the reach of QlikView across a wide gamut of hand held devices, they said.

The Sweden-founded, US-based company has gained 19,000 plus customers in 100 countries during its 18 years, with its compelling proposition to simplify decision making for business users India Country Manager, Ramendra Mandal, said the company counted key players like Reliance Insurance, HDFC, ITC, Fullerton India among its 250 plus customers in this country and operated from offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi since 2008.

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June 12 2011