Social media on Osama and after:Vangal's analysis

Social media reactions- in the aftermath of Osama Bin Laden death (1 May –5 May) have been analysed by Bangalore and Singapore-based, " the world’s first actionable insights software company".

According to founder Vinita Ananth, here are their key findings

Approximately 40% of the world’s online population found out about his death through Twitter and Facebook.Twitter was the top discussion platform for Osama’s death with tweets reaching an average of 1.2 Million tweets per hour, peaking to about 12 Million tweets per hour during Obama’s announcement. The US led the discussions with approximately 1.2 Million mentions per hour. Discussion in Pakistan/Afghanistan matched the numbers from India reaching about 15 million in 5 days.

The discussion in India was split as follows: 43%: Viral spam videos/images of Osama's corpse.

21%: I don’t believe he is dead

19%: India could benefit from US -Pak tension post Osama's death

17%: No one is safe in Pakistan, even Osama. Everyone is safe in Hindustan, even Kasab

for more details see         May 9 2011