Virtually on the Cloud? Force 10 Networks offers its gale-force networks

04th May 2011
Virtually on the Cloud? Force 10 Networks offers its gale-force  networks
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As more and more Indian enterprises at both ends of the size spectrum, lurch towards the inevitability of going virtual and touching the Cloud, automating their own networks becomes a central concern.

Network virtualization is still a game in its early stages. Increasing the utilization of one’s servers – many currently in the pathetic 10-15% region -- becomes a major concern. Which is why many enterprises are listening to Force 10’s pitch: help us help yourself to a smooth virtualization of your computing assets – and a ‘cloudy’ future – propelled by our gale-force network solutions.
Explains Prakash Sripathy, Force 10’s, Vice President, SW Engineering & India Operations: “New virtualization technologies are challenging the traditional network, server, storage product boundaries. But with virtualization, there are many more virtual elements to manage than ever before: VMs, VLANs, virtual storage pools, you name it”
What one needs, adds Sripathy, is an open, standards-based automation and virtualization approach which allows customers to transform their network infrastructure into a self-optimizing, reliable and accountable cloud computing fabric.
Force 10’s Open Automation Framework which fuels large Web operations like and Forbes .com, can be scaled down to suit quite small enterprises as well, says Sripathy… something that is important in geographies like India., where the ability to work across multiple vendor legacy products and configure ‘on the fly’ are both important considerations,
Force 10 was founded in 1999 by Som Sikdar and two other Indians, but is today an international player headquartered in San Jose ( California) US, though signficant parts of its product range especially their software component, crafted in the company’s India-based centres.  May 4 2011