HP launches suite of seven Enterprise App solutions

Takes to the next level, its 'Instant On' enterprise offerings

Hewlett Packard has launched a suite of seven service offerings aimed at making enterprise size companies worldwide more productive, and satisfing their business need of being 'Always On'. The suite of services range from code redundancy to version diagnosis to optimizing and creating private cloud architectures.

For instance, the HP Application Portfolio Management tool performs 'app rationalization' by identifying and eliminating duplicate versions, outdated versions and scarecely used versions of licensed software in an enterprise. The HP Transformation to Cloud service, on the other hand helps enterprises understand their 'cloud readiness' across 32 parameters that include performance, security, value enhancement and more. In addition to this, HP's Security Center seeks out real-time software vulnerabilities after centralizing the enterprise's vulnerability management process.

HP also revealed its hybrid transformation model including Service Automation 2.0 which enables companies to swiftly deploy, build, monitor and maintain applications across heterogeneous environments. HP provides Enterprise Cloud Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM via a private cloud.

Marshal Correia, Director, Enterprise Services, HP India said, "A substantial chunk of these innovations has happened out of our India Centre and we are hoping to (besides the global enterprises) partner with Indian enterprise-size customers to achieving our vision of a cloud-powered always on, instant on business."

Link to more information: http://www8.hp.com/in/en/solutions/solutions-detail.html?compURI=tcm:188-340216&pageTitle=Application-Transformation&contentView=business    April 13 2011