Getting social about the Cricket World Cup...

No apologies for reverting to the just-ended ICC World Cup: As infotech monitors we have a special interest in the impact that social media websites and services had -- or made -- on the sporty Indian's psyche.

Bangalore and Singapore-based Vangal Software Services, used their social media analysis technology to understand the brand impact on the World Cup.They tracked 143 unique ads that were played on TV from Feb 9th to Apr 2nd during the cricket world cup. They tried to understand which ads were the most frequently discussed, who were the most discussed brand ambassadors and the impact of viewing the TVC online (via social media.

Here is a summary of their key findings which we believe readers will find an interesting sidelight of the Web’s increasing role in such mass interest events: Over 85 advertisers showcased 143 unique ads during the ICC Cricket World Cup games 2011 from Feb 28 to Apr 2 . Vangal tracked users feedback on the ads in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Message boards, etc), to understand consumers feedback on ads during CWC

Mentions about Cricket World Cup topped 7 Million during the final and over 5 Million during semi-final (weekly). Mentions for ads, similarly topped 100,000 for finals and 70,000 for semis. Mentions for ads were dominant on Twitter, whereas those for brands were on Facebook.

Among the top 10 ads, Dhoni (Aircel & Sony) then Saina (Airtel and Fortune Oil) were most frequently discussedThe top 3 brand ambassadors mentioned were Dhoni, Sachin and Saina (a fresh face)

CEAT was the most positive ad mentioned followed  by Pepsi, Airtel,Sony and Zoozoos.

Of Pepsi ads, Sehwag was the most positive, followed by Bowden, Dhoni, Kevin Peterson, Harbhajan and then Dilshan.

Among all ads featuring Dhoni, Sony topped, followed by Aircel and Pepsi.

Delhi (NCR) and Mumbai topped ad mentions, followed by multiple tier 2 cities like Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.

Top ads mentioned by men were Pepsi (Sehwag, Dhoni), CEAT and Aircel.

Top ads mentioned by women were Airtel (Saina), Bharti AXA, CEAT and Reliance.

Ads during Cricket World Cup and the number of mentions online

Zoozoos (TT)16283; Sony (Dhoni)11938; Reliance (Yoga)15930; Pepsi (Shewag)21883; Pepsi (Harbhajan)17383; Good luck Sachin22383; CEAT (Fools)21948; Bharti AXA18373; Airtel (Saina)24839; Aircel (Dhoni)28493.

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April 7 2011