Cricket Power: A time-pass PC game for the ICC World Cup

As the ICC World Cup enters its final phase, it might be a good idea to check out "Cricket Power" , CD-based PC game for Windows and the only video game endorsed by the ICC.

There are three play modes:

- The World Cup -- you can play as India, Bangla Desh or Sri Lanka, against any of the participating teams. T

- The Exhibition Match ( any team against any other) and

- Practice Nets session where you can hone your batting or bowling skills.

For the World Cup matches, you can select both teams using original player names for all 14 teams and set the match in any of the three host countries .

The games come with good graphics and 3-D motion capture mode, but since this is a PC-based game, one has to make swift use of the keyboard and control keys .

At Rs 299, you can’t expect the sophistication of more elaborate games for PSP and XBox but it remains good value. The CD is distributed in India by Zapak.

March 21 2011