NVIDIA's MD for South Asia, Vishal Dhupar, with a GTX550 Ti-fuelled gaming PC from Connoiseur. Inset the GTX550 chip and board ( not to scale) ( IndiaTechOnline photo)
NVIDIA unveils new ‘game changing’ solution for 3-D video and games PCs

Graphics processing leader, NVIDIA, has brought its latest consumer solution for enhanced PC gaming and 3-D video viewing to the Indian market. The GTX 550 Ti processor. promises the world’s fastest performance in its class for games exploiting the DirectX11 standard. And its ability to enhance 3-experiernce, allows the rest of us non-games freaks to squeeze the best from the new generation of 3-D ready TV monitors – by coupling them with a desktop or laptop PC fuelled by a GTX 55i graphics board, that is already available from multiple vendors including ASUS, Gainward, Galaxy, Leadtek, MSI, Palit, Point of View, Sparkle and Zotac.

Thanks to this wider memory path and  192-core GTX 550’s higher memory clock speeds, the GTX 550 Ti boasts 70% more memory bandwidth than NVIDIA’s own predecessor, the GTS 450. It also features a 192-bit memory interface compared to the 128-bit interface of the GTS 450. The processor allows hard core gamers to squeeze yet more performance by over clocking GTX 550 Ti boards to speeds over 1GHz, explained Vishal Dhupar, NVIDIA’s Managing Director ( South Asia). “The 550Ti is so powerful, it will work with a fairly standard PC processor -- any machine powered by say, an Intel Core i3 can serve as a platform and will help to deliver dramatic 3-D or gaming performance”, he added. The GeForce GTX550Ti board costs Rs 9490 – a six fold improvement over NVIDIA’s flagship GeForce 8600 solution at almost the same price.

The India launch in Bangalore on Friday, saw leading Indian games PC specialists like Connoiseur Electronics, showcase solutions built around the new processor, at prices starting at Rs 37000.


March 19 2011