iWave announces system-on-module for in-car electronics

Bangalore-based embedded product developers , iWave Systems Technologies, have announced a system-on-a-module, based on the just-launched application processor i.MX53 (ARM Cortex-A8) from Freescale. The iWave i.MX53 SOM is expected to significantly cut the development time for OEMs working to create a whole family of automotive electronic systems from dashboard displays to High Definition rear seat entertainment and Internet devices to in-vehicle health monitoring and navigation systems.

The module will support the major operating systems including Windows Embedded Compact 7/CE 6.0 R3,

A dedicated video processor offloads the main core by performing video 1080p decoding and 720p encoding for multimedia applications like playing movies and monitoring cameras.“To speedup the product development at low cost, we have designed this module in MXM-3 form factor. Anybody can buy this module and quickly develop their own application specific carrier card," says Abdullah Khan, IWave’s Director (Engineering).

Key features of the module include: i.MX53 / 1GHz processor includes 3D and 2D graphics, 1080i/p video processing, on board 1GB/2GB DDR2 RAM, 8GB eMMC4.41 Flash, 16MB SPI Flash for Boot, 10/100Mbps Ethernet PHY, Micro SD, UART and USB OTG. The module supports MXM-3 form factor of size 85mm x 85mm and support MXM3 edge connector for IO expansion to support Dual LCD, Dual Camera, USB2.0, SATAII, SD/SDIO, CAN, MLB, ESAI, SSI, SPDIF, Video-In, TVout, SPI, I2C, UART and various IO interfaces.

Says Vivek Tyagi, Country Sales Manager, Freescale Semiconductor India “iWave Systems Technologies is a Proactive Design Partner of Freescale Semiconductor and has been involved in bringing out SOM and Reference Designs on Freescale i.MX Platform. The long standing relationship has been beneficial to many of our product customers as iWave reference designs have shortened their cycle time”.

Link for more details http://www.iwavesystems.com/i.MX53.htm  

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March 7 2011: