Bullshouse.com: a new one-stop investment portal for India

Three MBAs from the University of Maryland’s Robert H Smith School of Business, all Indians, have launched a free and comprehensive one-stop investment portal for India -- www.bullshouse.com .

They have signed up with two financial information providers -- Reuters to provide the latest business-related news and Capital Markets to publish relevant financial information. The website is being advised by international experts in entrepreneurship and analytics such as Dr Robert Baum, Dr Wolfgang Jank and Dr David Kirsch( see “About us”: http://bullshouse.com/aboutus.php ).

The cofounders are Narayan Krishnaswamy, Venky Nalluri and Bakta Salla ( the parent corporate entity bears their initials: KNS Technologies Pvt Ltd). Nalluri (President, Bullshouse), says being an independent site, Bullhouse avoids the inherent biases of a broker-run site whose sole interest is to make money through brokerage. Bullshouse.com looks at a broad spectrum of stock market trading topics and helps stock market investors to expand their knowledge and streamline the path to share market success.

Krishnaswamy(Sr VP) adds that Bullshouse.com is a free one-stop site for almost all investment options in India such as stocks, mutual funds, ULIPs, commodities and options.

Salla ( CEO, Bullshouse) says, Bullshouse.com will include sections for community such as NRI corner, message board and learning centre. It also provides very powerful tools such as stock screeners and mutual fund screeners that can be used to filter securities that meet the criteria for the users."

In India, currently there are two broad categories of websites that provide financial information: (i) Stock-broker owned but basic sites; and (ii) Premium contents such as Bloomberg terminals that cost a fortune. Bullshouse's strategy is to fill the prevailing gap between basic personal finance web sites and high end software.


January 18 2011