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A personal document encryption system from Owtsar

Chennai headquartered software development company, Owtsar Technologies, has created a personal document encryption solution that lets users make their own key, encrypt and lock their valuable documents and carry the keys securely in their pockets.

Called PuDocs , it is free for small users who can opt for a subscription plan as their need increases. Says Beracah John Martyn, the Marketing Director. "We have offered a simple procedure to request a copy of the tool, which would enable users to encrypt and secure 100 documents to store or share with another user, with our compliments”.

All file types of all sizes can be encrypted with PuDocs. Even folders with multiple files of all types and sizes can be encrypted and stored as a single file. The encrypted files can be shared with others who belong to the same group and have their own keys. For the Data Thief or the hacker it is a totally unbreakable target, Owtsar claims.

Subscribing to the FREE version of the PUDocs would let the user encrypt up to 100 documents or folders not exceeding 15 MB and retain it for life. Two users will be allowed to encrypt and decrypt files in this manner. On encrypting the 100th document further encryption will not be allowed. But decryption of old files can be done anytime after. Two separate codes will be sent, once your registration is accepted. You will have to copy it to a pen drive and keep it securely, as this would contain the keys for each file you would encrypt. 

Owtsar  recommends a back-up on a CD, just in case the pen drive gets corrupted. The users can create separate encryption restricted for their use only or to be shared between them. While encrypting a file, the pen drive has to be mounted to the PC where the encrypted file is stored. (Encrypted files may be copied and transferred to any PC) At this moment an internet connection should be available for authentication purposes. Once the authentication process is over (about 2 to 5 seconds) you may disconnect the internet if you so prefer and continue with the process of encryption. Decryption may be done directly without the authentication process.

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Jan 15 2011