Your office tool is all EARS!
Now, software that judges emotions during email, voice chat!

Indian Cloud-based Office  solution, i-Cube,  offers tool that sends a soothing alert and advice, when  your online chat gets stressed.

Chennai-headquartered Owtsar Technologies, makers of the iCube cloud-based office solution, have added a new function to their offering: the ability to monitor the emotional level of a live chat. If things seem to be getting stressful, the software sends a soothing alert as well suggestions to rephrase one’s mail or speech to bring stress levels down.

The software add-on is called “Emotions:Analyze & Report System (EARS) and it is being provided as a silent listener with Owtsar’s 'iCubeOffice' emails and voice chat.

Says Owtsar Technologies CEO, Samuel Martyn: "Computer Systems have hitherto only addressed the physical aspect in all human to human transactions -- be it mails, chat, emoticons or whatever. They do not address the spiritual/emotional state of the user. We have developed EARS specifically to address this aspect and have introduced a new dimension to enterprise and personal computing."

In a stressed out situation a staff can vent his feelings on a customer, for which he may regret later. But the damage would have been done and it would take a lot of effort to undo it. EARS detects such a situation and alerts the user to reconsider the sentence or conversation. It also highlights the contacts history, such as period, business done in the past, expectations in the future with any photo, if available. This provides an opportunity for the user to calm down and become normal. 

EARS is available with iCube Office ver.2.(  ) and can be customized and personalized for individual users so that it could effectively respond to individual language and speech patterns. The user is required to use the iCube Office voice chat for analyzing voice related data.

EARS can be configured to sense emotions in incoming mails as well. Should a customer get annoyed over anything, such mails may be automatically copied to supervisory staff in the organization.

EARS will be available as a SaaS model with individual company id and user package hosted in secure Data Centers in North America or Europe. Larger firms can host the system individually either in their premises or in hosted servers in data centres; they can also split their servers and host them in multiple places, based on geographical locations, applications or even offices and departments.

'iCube Office' is a web based 'VIRTUAL OFFICE CUBICLE introduced by Owtsar Technologies. It is a solution c that an be accessed from any geographical location to conduct a 'one-on-one' meetings, with all relevant, past and current records, placed before them.

November 2 2010