Tata too on the cloud!
Cloudy India-2: Now Tata Communications take on the cloud

Tata Communications is the latest entrant into cloud-based computing infrastructure services arena: The Indian telecom provider has announced two offerings: InstaCompute and InstaOffice -- self-service, pay-as-you-use IT application and data centre infrastructure services, accessed through the Internet.

Instant data centre infrastructure, InstaCompute, provides secure and elastic, on-demand computing and storage resources to businesses over the network, as and when they need them. Self-provisioned and completely automated, pay-per-use, InstaCompute allows organizations to manage their business in line with growing and fluctuating market demands and rapidly evolving technology. Computing and storage is based in India, can be paid for in Rupees or global currencies and provides the user with governance and cost controls.

InstaCompute runs on compute and storage infrastructure from Dell.

InstaOffice (powered by Google Apps) brings global internet-based collaboration and office tools to Indian companies, with on-demand ease of use and pricing. InstaOffice tools include email and calendar, instant messaging, voice and video chat, as well as office document applications which are accessible to businesses when and where they need them. InstaOffice joins the otherInstaApps that Tata Communications already offers in India: InstaCC (contact center), InstaCRM (customer relationship management) and InstaECM (content storage and management).

Tata Communications is leveraging its global IP network that spans six continents with 150 nodes, covering both developed and emerging markets – as well as 3000 sq. m of Indian data centre space with its managed services capabilities. The service will be offered in India and Singapore this year, and in the U.S. and Europe by next year.

Oct 17 2010