Race for India, in Formula 1 events!
Video Game: F1 2010: ‘Formula’ for a runaway racing experience

Titles based on the Formula One motor racing championship have not ranked among the most popular of video games; but that seem set to change with the latest edition-- F1 2010 – of the official game created by UK developer Codemasters and featuring all 24 drivers, 12 teams and 19 circuits in the 2010 Formula One calendar.

Harnessing the latest version of the “EGO” games software engine and exploiting the added realism of High Definition (HD) video graphics, F1 2010 offers some truly dizzying driver-view visuals and a total racing experience: from selecting the driver’s colours and helmet, to battling the weather, to simulating a pit stop, to enjoy the authentic grand prix experience – spills, chills and bursting tyres.

Single and multiple ( up to 12) player modes, let racing enthusiasts assume the ‘avatar’ of any real life F1 racing driver -- while four camera options ( one hood camera, one cockpit and two chase cameras) , allow players to experience the precise feel of being ‘ in control’, with the realistic bumps and jerks of actual racing tracks, faithfully replicated.

And thanks to the presence in the lists of Force India, players here have the chance of “driving” for a national team, an option hitherto open only to Cricket enthusiasts.

F1 2010, became available world-wide last week and has been brought to India by Zapak Games who are retailing it across 135 cities. The Xbox 360, Wii and PSP versions cost Rs2499; the PC ( Windows XP/Vista/Windows7) version costs Rs999. Switch on those engines, it’s whroom, whroom time again!

-Anand Parthasarathy / October 10 2010

(This review also appears in the current ( Oct 17 2010) issue of The Week, magazine)