Flickr's Indias page and ( inset) Yahoo Pulse reaches out to Facebook
Yahoo! / Flickr India feature update: Share with Facebook, say 'Hello India'!

Social media marches on: Yahoo! has just made it easier for its users to share their wares with social media sites like Facebook:

Yahoo! Pulse is a new central dashboard to share what you do on Yahoo! to the external social accounts and apps that you have linked to. Since you have friends across the Web, we know that it is important to be able to easily share to your favourite sites like Facebook. Once you link Yahoo! to your Facebook account, your friends will see the status updates, public reviews and comments you post on Yahoo! sites like Yahoo! Music,Yahoo! Local, and Upcoming. Now, you can even see what your friends on Facebook are doing by viewing your Facebook News Feed right within Yahoo! Pulse, Yahoo! Mail, or even the Yahoo! Homepage. ]

Yahoo! to Facebook, Facebook to Yahoo!” Now users can successfully share and retrieve all Facebook updates and news feeds on their Yahoo! mail inbox. Users can not only view their Facebook Wall but also can connect and communicate with their peers then and there without going into the their respective Facebook accounts. Simultaneously users can also access to their Yahoo! mail content, messenger and other sites like Flickr. Consumers can also engage with their preferred online games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars. They also view the updates on their mobile devices

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Meanwhile at Flickr…

Flickr India has developed a special  group “Hello India” that is dedicated to the photography enthusiasts who have had a flavor of India and provides them a platform to express India in their own way. Photographers can be a part of the events in person or also participate by sharing their photographs on Flickr with the Hello India community. There are over 2300 members and they regularly hold Hello India get togethers in the major metros.  

For more tech savvy users, Flickr has an open Application Programming Interface (API for short). This means that anyone can write their own program to remix Flickr data (like photos, video, tags, profiles or groups) in new and different ways. The App Garden is a place where developers can showcase the applications they've created, and where you can find new ways to explore Flickr. September 27 2010