Jessie Paul ( inset) and the PaulWriter portal
India’s first web community for B2B marketers is here attracts 750 members, 40 authors within a month

India’s first web community dedicated to Business to business marketers --  -- has been launched: a place that provides the B2B marketing community access to high-quality content, discussion, and research in a single location. The site has already attracted over 21000 views since going live for beta testing a month ago.

The portal is the brain child of Jessie Paul, who was previously Chief Marketing Officer  of Wipro’s IT business; has held senior marketing positions in Infosys and iGATE and has authored “No Money Marketing”, Tata McGraw-Hill’s fastest selling professional book on marketing. She says: “Our aim is to have become the platform of choice for B2B marketers for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous learning, so that the industry as a whole benefits. At the broader level, by involving marketing service providers, showcasing relevant technologies, and providing advisory and educational services, we hope to create a vibrant eco-system that enriches India’s B2B marketing infrastructure, and leads to the creation of more global brands,”. Jessie is founder & CEO of Paul Writer.

“India has a tremendous need to nurture and develop its marketing talent particularly in booming categories like B2B where demand already outstrips supply. has the potential to play a valuable role in developing and nurturing talent, as well as providing a peer learning platform for senior marketing professionals,”said Sumit Virmani, Head Marketing - Products & Platforms, Infosys Technologies, at the launch event.

Jeremy Cooper, Regional Vice President, Marketing, Asia-Pacific, added: " sees communities as an important collaborative force for the future. We are keen to work with Indian marketers to help them leverage the power of business networking tools. Forums such as can be useful in spreading the message of the benefits of such enterprise collaboration." offers free lifetime membership and is aimed at CEOs, marketing professionals, academics, and management students. It extends its reach through social tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SMSGupShup, and Slideshare. The site is built using open source Joomla technology and is hosted on a cloud to enable scaleability and flexibility.

If you are wondering why “Paul Writer” – and have some other questions, read on:

1.What does Paul Writer mean?In tea and coffee estates, the term writer was used to refer to the trusted steward in charge of managing the estate and marketing the produce. Similarly Paul Writer wishes to assist others in managing their brand.The logo is a West African symbol which means "Help us help you"

2. So, who writes the stuff on the site?Our contributors are experts from all areas of marketing. They have insights which they would like to share with peers of similar interests. They include marketing professionals, academicians, and consultants.We are very loosely moderated - just to make sure the conversation stays professional.

3. Can I contribute?We’re always looking for marketing experts. Learn about how to contribute.

4. So how are you different from the many marketing sites available online? We’re different in a number of ways:

We’re focused on B2B marketing, though our content may benefit other marketing spheres too.

Our main geographic focus is India, unlike most communities.

Membership is free

We’re one of the few marketing communities to offer both online and offline tools to build the B2B marketing infrastructure in India. The offline tools include advisory services, marketing masterclass, certification programs and India’s only B2B Marketing Summit.

5. Do I have to pay to be a member of Paul Writer’s marketing hub?Nope!

6. Can anyone become a member of Paul Writer?Yes, everyone is welcome to join the community.

Sep 20 2010