Transcend's adapter lets you upgrade to USB 3.0

07th September 2010
Transcend's adapter lets you upgrade to USB 3.0
Time to upgrade to USB 3.0!

The push to a faster USB connection has come; storage and multimedia products leader, Transcend Information has unveiled an adapter that allows owners of devices with USB 2.0 ports to upgrade to the ten-times faster USB3.0.
The USB 3.0 ExpressCard Adapter,  is also a two-port hub, so in effect, your ExpressCard slot on a PC, laptop or notebook becomes two  3.0 USB  ports.Says Gordon Wu, Regional Head – South Asia, Transcend, “For laptop users desiring to join the USB 3.0 revolution without replacing their existing computer, Transcend’s USB 3.0 ExpressCard Adapter is a highly cost-effective solution for connecting to and taking advantage of USB 3.0-compatible peripherals. The card’s ExpressCard/34 interface is compatible with virtually all current notebook computers, and offers unrestricted two-way communication between notebook PCs and the latest generation of USB devices.”
The new USB 3.0 ExpressCard Adapter, fully compatible with Windows 7, supports SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard with connection bandwidth of up to 5Gb/s. Thanks to its backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, older devices will still work with the new interface. The Price is Rs 1900.In India it is available from Supertron: 91-33-2213-1221/23 and Mediaman: 91-22-23823100/3200
Last week, Iomega announced that it is gradually shifting its product range of external storage to USB 3.0 ( see our story Let's flash forward to USB 3.0   ). So clearly it is time for us to upgrade and moce on. Transcend's product  helps us do it without throwing away legacy USB  devices. 

Sep 8 2010