Full HD LED-LCD monitor from Samsung
Samsung unveils LED-LCD HD monitor in India

Digital technology leader, Samsung Electronics has launched its first LED-backlit high definition LCD monitor in India, bringing to computers the superior viewing experience of television.

The 23 inch PX2370 s said to be the world’s first LED Monitor to support RGB 100% thereby delivering nature-like picture quality. It boasts two new technologies: Magic Lux and Magic Angle, the former adjusts brightness by sensing surrounding intensity of illumination while the latter offers the same picture quality from any angle and supports 5-mode angle management. In simple terms, it means you can view the image from any acute angle – unlike normal LCD monitors which have limited field of view.

Ranjit Yadav, Director-Mobile & IT, Samsung Electronics said: “Samsung was the first Company to launch LED TVs in the Indian market and create this segment in the market. With the introduction of PX 2370, we are extending this experience in the Monitor space as well.

The PX 2370 is an eco-friendly LED monitor which is 40% more energy efficient than comparable LCD Monitors. The Magic Ecofunction offers four energy saving options which allows users to choose from 100%, 75% and 50% power consumption as well as “power saving off”.

Just 16.5mm in thick, the PX2370 has full HD resolution ( 1920 by 1080) and DVI-I (Digital & Analog) x 1 as well as HDMI output. It weighs just 4 kg and is priced at Rs 15,300/- Sep 6 2010