Gun Suk Ling, Managing Director Kaspersky Labs South Asia and Jagannath, Director Sales , India, launching the Kaspersky blimp at the launch event im Mumbai on August 7 ( IndiaTechOnline photo)
Kaspersky's new tools for Net security launched in India

Russia-based global leader in Internet content management and security solutions, Kaspersky Lab, has unveiled the 2011 editions of its two releases for the consumer market: Kaspersky Internet Security is the complete PC protection tool with a number of new features to ensure safe surfing and online e-commerce and banking for lay customers. Kaspersky Anti Virus is a more affordable tool – which protects against viruses, worms and other malware.

Introducing the products that go on sale India-wide this week, Kaspersky Lab’s Hyderabad-based Managing Director for the South Asia region, Gun Suk Ling, said: “In India, we have introduced special value price offers and schemes so that people start going in for licensed versions. Our presence in India will help us reach out to consumers and enterprises alike with faster responses to address online security concerns”

The newly-implemented System Watcher technology monitors all system events in full – creation and modification of files, system calls and changes to the system registry. Kaspersky Lab’s protection solutions detect any type of malicious programs, both known and new. The majority of unwanted changes to the system made by malicious programs can be rolled back with just a few mouse clicks.

Both products incorporate the new Windows Gadget feature. This is an element of the Desktop in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that offers quick access to the product’s main features. Windows Gadget displays the computer’s security status, allows a file to be scanned with a single mouse click and enables an application to be launched in Safe Run mode.

Other new features are: - The ability to use the product installation disk as a rescue disk which contains a range of utilities for scanning or treating an infected computer without the necessity of downloading a bootable operating system.

- The ability to be installed on a machine that has already been infected by such sophisticated threats as rootkits that generally try to combat the deployment of antivirus solutions.

- Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 contains a significantly improved Parental Control module that restricts a child‘s access to social networking sites, instant messaging (ICQ, MSN) and specific programs on the computer. It can also control the downloading of files and the transfer of personal data

The products are aggressively priced: Kaspersky Internet Security Rs. 899 & Kaspersky Anti-Virus is for Rs. 599. More details: 

Aug 10 2010