Gettting smart about home/office security
Now a 'smart' Indian solution for Net-based home/office surveillance

A home grown, light and portable, home and office surveillance solution based on the Internet Protocol, has been launched in the Indian market.

The Smart Micro NVR (Network Video Recorder) comes from, Smart Guard Systems, a pioneer in Indian surveillance products, and a subsidiary of the Ahmedabad-based product develop, eInfochips.

The ‘Smart Micro NVR’, harnesses a 1.2 gigahertz of processor with 512 megabytes of flash memory and DDR2 memory. It is just 110mm in length, 69.5mm width, and height 48.5 mm. It comes bundled with Gigabit Ethernet for networking purposes and a USB 2.0 socket.

“This unique combination of IP Cube Camera and Smart Micro NVR will be very useful for various market segments like ATMs not having internal cameras, warehouses , banks, home Surveillance, Medical facilities & clinics, Retail counters monitoring, Malls, etc”,  says Gurudas Parwani, CEO, Smart Guard System, “With anytime anywhere viewing from distant locations, the Smart Surveillance Solution makes it simple for all of us to care for our families and assets. NRI sons and daughters can keep in view their ageing parents or their unattended houses. This will enable working parents to keep track of children as they come

Both Smart Micro NVR and the SmartHawk IP Cube Camera are bundled as a combination “Smart Surveillance Solution.”. Systems prices start at Rs30,000.

The Indian surveillance market is estimated at about Rs 800 crores. Of this the IP surveillance market is about 10% but growing at over 50%. It is estimated to reach over Rs 4 billion in the next five years.

Link to company’s product information: 

July 21 2010