A student uses his mobile to do a mock CET.
Now, do a mock CET with your mobile!

Students in Bangalore, 'test-drive' the software.

Ipomo, a Bangalore-based technology startup, has created an interactive mock Common Entrance Test -cum-ssessment program which students can access on their mobile phones. Called mPlg (pronounced mplug), the test environment (questions, time and marks) are similar to the CET that students in Karnataka ( and other Indian states) take, to join medical and engineering professional courses. Those attempting this mock test will be ‘answering’ the test on mobile phones. Their relative ranking across the state will be known at the end of the session. A special design  helps students navigate questions easily in a ‘real test’ atmosphere.Subjects covered are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Each test contains 60 questions and the test duration is of 60 minutes

Students can also download mPlg and install on their personal device for free. With mPlg, a student can refresh and review topics at his/her own convenience. They can also get connected to experts, get guidance related to admissions and crack brain teasers anytime, anywhere.

Ipomo, ( it stands for ‘Interactive Platform on Mobile) http://www.ipomo.in/  is a Bangalore based technology-company started by former executives of Wipro and Infosys.

May 5 2010